Today the weather warmed to 27C; it only needed to be 17C in order to prime the boat.  I hauled it outside and mixed the primer. I used 5-Star Xtreme primer #5424.  It is a hybrid of epoxy and acrylic polymers, which provide excellent adhesion, good corrosion resistance, productive dry times, and ease of sanding.  It was mixed with an activator (#5426), and a reducer (UE60), at a ratio of 4:1:2.  I applied many light coats at intervals of 20 minutes.  The pot life of the mix is 1 – 2 hours at 77F. ( Here is the first coating.  Recoating can be done at 20 minute intervals….



…this is as it was at the end after several coats with a fine spray at 50# pressure…



…and here are the engine housing and the underside of the seats…


DSC00092 Drying overnight it will be ready for the paint tomorrow, although it is supposed to be overcast and rainy.