Waters Freeze, Snow Arrives

One of the benefits of aluminum as a hull material is that it can literally be left in a snow bank and emerge unhurt the following spring. And this is how this boat now lies, a few feet outside my front door. I have to do some rearranging inside anyway, but when that is completed I will bring it inside and set it up and start disassembling it, removing the transom wood and unriveting the seats and cleaning and reconfiguring it all so that it will serve me better as a duck boat this fall…


Certificate Of Origin

Following cleaning I could read the stamp imprinted on the hull that proved its origin.  It reads: Aluminum Boats And Canoes Incorporated, Princeville QUE, HA0951.  The boat was purchased new in 1970/1971.  About that time Aluminum Boats and Canoes underwent a transition…one of many to follow.  And while the company eventually became Princecraft, it brings me some sort of strange comfort to begin work on this grand old aluminum skiff in the days ahead…


September 30, 2014

After a day of duck hunting I stopped by to check out a 12′ aluminum boat that had been listed for sale.  Arriving early and before the seller returned home I found a boat in nearly perfect condition, although it was dirty and well-oxidized.  I prepared to haul it home even before the seller showed up and paid him without any question.  Its cost?  $200…