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Maiden Voyage


An overcast and windy day, yesterday I tested this boat with 3 adults, a 2.7 air-cooled motor, and an electric trolling motor.  There was easily enough freeboard with three adults (7″).  Once on the lake and exposed to the wind the design of this craft allowed no shipping of water in spite of there being chop and 1′ high waves.  The 2.7 hp gas motor propelled it at perhaps 5 mph…although I would expect it to do better with only myself and my dog.  Given the shape of its tumblehome I expected it to feel unstable, which it did, but this proved to be so only initially, and the boat resisted tipping past a certain, initial point.   The bench seating is low enough that it proved extremely uncomfortable given the cramped space; this will be remedied with the addition of swivel seats.


An adult bald eagle flew by us with a fish in its talons, hotly pursued by two eaglets, born this year.  Circling around it came to deposit the fish in its nest which was readily set upon and fought over by its two offspring, now as large as itself, although still in their immature colour phase.


Refitting Of Boat

Today I hauled the boat back inside by myself and let it thaw (-30C for a high)…


…sorting these stainless steel bolts and screws was going to be a puzzle…


…condensation from the indoors…


…bow deck reattached…


…a final removal of left over adhesives…

…transom nice and clean…


…transom stiffener, 3/4″ marine plywood stained and Varathaned…


…motor support and screws with remounted transom trimmings…


…back seat added with seat mount positioned (looking nice)…


…oar lock attached…


…seats installed (temporary) showing future seating configuration…


Aluminum Boats & Canoes Inc. Compliance Plate

On January 20, 2015, I sent off the following email:

Dear Office of Boating Safety,

Last fall I purchased an aluminum rowboat from its former owner in The Pas for $200.00 for my personal use.  They had bought it new in 1970 and used it exclusively for family pleasure in northern Manitoba.  It is 11’4” in length and in very fine shape.  This winter I am in the process of fully refitting it, replacing all wood, and upgrading its steel screws and bolts to stainless steel.


In stripping the boat I found that there is no compliance plate.  I contacted the national office of Transport Canada a few weeks ago to inquire how I might obtain a compliance plate.  I was told to contact the manufacturer.  The manufacturer (Aluminum Boats And Canoes, Inc.) no longer exists.  The boat is stamped with their stamp and a serial number is issued and plainly visible.  Aluminum Boats and Canoes and its purchasers have been reacquired several times since 1970.  I contacted Princecraft, which is where this corporate acquisition trail now leads, but I was told that they were unable to issue a compliance plate for a boat of that vintage, now over 40 years old, and not of their own design.


So I am writing to you at this time and inquiring as to your direction as to what to do now?  The boat is still exceptionally seaworthy.  I will be using it on smaller lakes in my region, and fitting it with a small motor.  Perhaps I am making too much of all of this but I would feel much better being on the water and knowing the load (weight, passengers, horsepower) for which this boat is designed….  If you direct that no compliance plate is required, then I shall keep a copy of this correspondence in the boat itself to show that no plate is required.


Thank you for your consideration.




On January 21, 2015, I received their reply:
There is no requirement for pleasure crafts built before April 29, 2011 to have a compliance notice affixed to the boat. Here is a link to our site that explains in more details:http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/marinesafety/debs-obs-paperwork-paperwork_notices-120.htm .To obtain the information for the recommended maximum load, passengers and engine HP etc. I would recommend contacting a Marine Surveyor, they will be able to do the calculations for you. Please also refer to the Construction Standards for Small Vessels (TP1332):http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/marinesafety/tp-tp1332-menu-521.htm  In this publication you will be able to find the calculations to find the information you are looking for.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.


P. L.
Boating Safety Officer / Agent de la sécurité nautique
Transport Canada, 344 Edmonton St, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 0P6
Transports Canada, 344, rue Edmonton, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 0P6 
Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada

Certificate Of Origin

Following cleaning I could read the stamp imprinted on the hull that proved its origin.  It reads: Aluminum Boats And Canoes Incorporated, Princeville QUE, HA0951.  The boat was purchased new in 1970/1971.  About that time Aluminum Boats and Canoes underwent a transition…one of many to follow.  And while the company eventually became Princecraft, it brings me some sort of strange comfort to begin work on this grand old aluminum skiff in the days ahead…