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Cruise N’ Carry 6700 Repair

This outboard fell over and cracked its housing and plastic fuel tank.  The fuel tank could not be repaired without being plastic welded.  I chose a MSR fuel bottle for a replacement tank and fitted it with a threaded1/4″ fuel line and a petcock.  I drilled the handle and bolted a modified 3″ piece of plastic pipe that I shaped into a holder for the fuel bottle.  This is the smallest MSR bottle they make and it ran 55 minutes on a full bottle of fuel at idle while engaged in a tank of water…


Cruise N’ Carry 6700 Outboard Repair

DSC00016Purchased in 1990 this 2.7 hp two cycle outboard is still running strong.  It fell over last year and cracked the housing and gas tank.  I repaired the housing, trimming and epoxying it.  But the plastic tank is beyond repair without plastic welding.  I made a new tank for it using a MSR fuel bottle, a brass petcock, and a threaded hose adapter.  Tomorrow I will test it…


Maiden Voyage


An overcast and windy day, yesterday I tested this boat with 3 adults, a 2.7 air-cooled motor, and an electric trolling motor.  There was easily enough freeboard with three adults (7″).  Once on the lake and exposed to the wind the design of this craft allowed no shipping of water in spite of there being chop and 1′ high waves.  The 2.7 hp gas motor propelled it at perhaps 5 mph…although I would expect it to do better with only myself and my dog.  Given the shape of its tumblehome I expected it to feel unstable, which it did, but this proved to be so only initially, and the boat resisted tipping past a certain, initial point.   The bench seating is low enough that it proved extremely uncomfortable given the cramped space; this will be remedied with the addition of swivel seats.


An adult bald eagle flew by us with a fish in its talons, hotly pursued by two eaglets, born this year.  Circling around it came to deposit the fish in its nest which was readily set upon and fought over by its two offspring, now as large as itself, although still in their immature colour phase.

Propulsion (2): Cruise n’ Carry 2.7 HP Gas Engine

I bought this engine over two decades ago for use on my canoes; it has seen a lot of usage.  Built in Japan it is a titan for a 2.7 hp, air-cooled, ultralight motor.  On smaller boats a litre of fuel (mix 1:25) lasts about 9 miles.  I don’t know what it will do on this row boat, but I will find out as soon as the water opens in spring (late May).  What I do know is that it is a very noisy engine, in large part due to the vibrations that it sets up in the hull.  Nevertheless, in the north, where there is no place to recharge a marine battery, it reliably takes you a long way on very little fuel, especially at a slow speed…

Cruise n’ Carry, 2-cycle, air cooled gas engine (least favourite):