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Cruise N’ Carry 6700 Repair

This outboard fell over and cracked its housing and plastic fuel tank.  The fuel tank could not be repaired without being plastic welded.  I chose a MSR fuel bottle for a replacement tank and fitted it with a threaded1/4″ fuel line and a petcock.  I drilled the handle and bolted a modified 3″ piece of plastic pipe that I shaped into a holder for the fuel bottle.  This is the smallest MSR bottle they make and it ran 55 minutes on a full bottle of fuel at idle while engaged in a tank of water…


Johnson AD-10 7 1/2 HP Matching Outboard Motor

I was given this outboard motor a year ago last spring.  It worked.  But I stripped and evaluated it.  Realizing that it would take much more expertise than I possessed I brought it to an older mechanic who would have had considerable experience with these when he was younger.  Entirely rebuilt with the exception of the rings, it is ready for use next year…

Before –

After –

To go on this boat (identically painted) –