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Hull Removed Outside Awaiting Painting

The portion of the hull in contact with the water has now finished its initial deoxidation as previously described.  The upper portion of the outside hull will be left clean but oxidized.  There is a marked difference between the two.  Oxidation allows paint to adhere to the metal better than polished aluminum; polished aluminum offers less resistance to water when it is stripped.  The boat will remain here, strapped down, until it is warm enough to paint it outdoor some time this spring.




September 30, 2014

After a day of duck hunting I stopped by to check out a 12′ aluminum boat that had been listed for sale.  Arriving early and before the seller returned home I found a boat in nearly perfect condition, although it was dirty and well-oxidized.  I prepared to haul it home even before the seller showed up and paid him without any question.  Its cost?  $200…