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This morning started out with this: primed, lightly scoured with a fabric pad to sand the worst of the grit, and vacuumed…



The paint I used was Uno-HD along with its hardener, Uno DH 46.  These, like the 5-Star primer, were excellent with which to work.  But the greatest surprise of all was my purchase of the Anest Iwata AZ3HTE2 centre post gravity air spray gun (Italy).  In the past I have gotten along with $40 spray guns from Princess Auto.  My supplier (a professional auto body wholesale/retailer) talked me into it, but said it would be worth it…and boy is it worth it!  I will never go back to a cheap air gun again!!!  It was pricey, especially as it was only – in my mind – for a duck boat, but it made a most beautiful application…atomized, even, ergonomic, easy to use and clean up…


Here’s the paint formula.  And again Uno-HD looks like it will be very durable…easy application/cleanup…great colour…olive drab dull.  This man supplies the same mix for CF application on their motorized equipment.


And here’s the result after three or four coats, inside and out.  One quart of paint with a corresponding ratio of hardener went on smooth and dried quickly…





…am I happy.  I will leave it for a day and then start installing seats.


Paint Supplies

Last week I purchased professional aluminum etching primer, olive drab boat paint, a professional spray gun, and paint cleaner.


Here’s the paint code:


Air temperature needs to be 60F before I can use any of this.