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Stainless Steel Bolts And Screws

For $27 I bought completely new stainless steel bolts and screws for this boat…



Sorting Hardware

All hardware is corroded on this boat. It was an inexpensive boat when built. The good news for me as its new owner is that the quality and thickness of the aluminum used when it was made is genuinely superior and beefier than the aluminum found today in cheaper boat construction (e.g. small, cheap jon boats, which begin at $1K and go up for boats that are not capable of carrying the load of this one).  Using steel hardware helped keep the cost down years ago.  But forty+ years of reaction between aluminum and steel led to many of these screws and bolts being fully eaten away by the time I removed them. I will take them with me to a bolt supply store and replace them with stainless steel hardware in a couple of weeks.  Nothing like having a strong boat with top grade hardware and a good paint job.  You can’t even find that on today’s boat market without paying a huge amount of money…