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Seat Storage Deck Plate Installed



Today I installed the deck plate on the centre seat.  This covers the in-seat storage compartment.

It’s a farm, so I keep all sorts of discarded items. Used tire inner tubes work well as gaskets once cut and washed.
After drilling the mounting holes I stretched a rubber gasket over the edge of the rim of the deck plate. Then this was bolted to the seat along with the rim using stainless steel bolts and nylon watered lock nuts.
Then the rubber was trimmed from the rim leaving a nice, finished look and a water-tight seal under the deck plate.
Deck plate and gasket close-up.
Finished installation.

Installing Deck Plate

The centre portion of the centre seat in this boat was left unfoamed so that it could serve as a permanent storage compartment for boat-safe items and boat licensing.  A deck plate is both a waterproof and inexpensive way to gain access to this compartment.  Today I picked up the deck plate I ordered…$20 for an 8″ opening.  I centred it, traced the circumference, cut out the opening, and verathaned the raw wood.  I need to let it dry.  I also need hardware to fasten it down and will use a rubber gasket to seal the mounting.





Yesterday’s Outfitting Order


Living in a remote area means that if you need a specialty item you either need to order it, or make it.  In this case I decided to order a 10″ screw-in deck hatch.  This will be mounted on the centre seat and allow access to a storage area through an 8″ opening: http://www.discountmarinesupplies.com/Beckson_Screw_Out_Deck_Plates.html.  I will keep the boat’s items required by law in this compartment.  It was clearly the cheapest deck plate that I found.  I also ordered a couple of brass transom drain plugs ($2.00 ea.) and a dedicated boat knife – a drop point Spike by Cold Steel – very strong, very sharp, and very inexpensive.53bs